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Control AV, founded in 2013, is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our Miami office directs the company’s activities, coordinates the purchasing activities and also handles refit and refurbishment projects of operational fleets.
CAV Oy, in Finland and in Spain, was formed in 2015 and concentrates on design and in leading our European projects.

Our industry is an international one that operates across nations and seas, and so does CAV. Our company was designed from the beginning to be able to offer the flexibility of a global presence to our clients, rather than to have one huge center anchored down in one way of doing things. We have offices and facilities located in 6 countries, across 3 continents. This allows us to respond to clients’ requests worldwide.


Our international footprint also means that we can respond quickly when our clients need us. As one of our offices is closing for the day, another is opening, wide awake and ready to go. We take pride at CAV in our ability to be responsive to our clients’ needs wherever they are, whenever they need us.

We see the global trends of modern technology and the international nature of the marine industry as an exciting resource, not a barrier. There are over 6 languages spoken fluently in the company, so that we can communicate successfully with our clients down to the subtleties of their concerns. We also are very experienced in dealing with the vast tangle of national, international and maritime regulations that can be very daunting. 

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Doug Ellis

Founder and CEO

Doug is responsible for strategic planning, finance and coordination of the activities and resources of the business groups in Europe and the Americas.

With Control AV, Doug has brought his vision of an exceptional entertainment technology company into being. The ideal of a company at the vanguard of technology, that would be highly responsive to clients’ needs across the globe, grew out of Doug’s experience in marine and aviation engineering and his years as an executive in the industry.

Prior to establishing Control AV, Doug was an owner and executive at FUNA and previous to that of TDI. He negotiated the Entertainment System contracts for the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis class ships built for RCI in the Turku shipyard and the Oceania vessels, Marina and Riviera built at Fincantieri in Genoa. 


Amir el yordi


Co-Founder and President

As President of Control AV, Amir El Yordi is responsible for the operation of the US company. He oversees our projects and coordinates them with our global facilities. He has long-standing relationships and has forged new ones with many clients, trade organizations, suppliers and contractors in Miami and internationally. He works closely at the executive level with many of our major clients.

Doug turned to Amir when he founded Control AV as a partner who shared his vision and values, was a seasoned industry veteran, and had the ability to bring Control AV into reality.

Earlier, Amir was one of the original owners of TDI and managed US operations for them and later for FUNA, including purchasing and logistics for the projects in Finland and Italy. He managed the majority of the newbuild projects performed by FUNA in Germany.

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